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What it is like to take an exam during lockdown

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What it is like to take an exam during lockdown

Some students might have taken online exams before, but most will be new to the system. As part of my final year assessments, I took an exam that was completely new to me. It taught me a lot about discipline and confidence when it comes studying.

The 3rd of April was the day that my exam schedule was published. Uncertain of what to expect this year, I found my exam schedule for Thursday 7th May at 10am for 23 hours. What the heck did that even mean? This meant that I only had 23 hours to complete the assessment, and submit it to my Blackboard department. I panicked at first. How could I write two essays in a day? Writing an essay that I liked took me several weeks. Here's how you can overcome exam anxiety and complete the assessment on time.

It was an exam, and I needed to keep that in mind. Because you have more time, it can be hard to let yourself relax when answering essay-writing questions. This gives the illusion that your writing should be the same quality as the coursework that you completed weeks ago. This is an exam and the mark knows it. Learn that the only thing you are expected to do is write the answer in the exam hall. You must be realistic about the time constraints and not try to exceed them.

A tip that is especially useful for essays-based exams is to be familiar with the exam rubric. The same applies to any year. However, your online exam might have a different rubric. Does the word count now apply? Is the number of questions that you have to answer different? It was a relief to find that the exam only required 1,000 words for each essay. This allowed me to plan my essays in a concise and manageable framework, which helped to ease some anxiety about writing pages after pages.

While revising, I was aware that the exam would have open-book questions. This allowed me to have all the resources I needed for the exam. This was something I considered when taking notes and planning my notes so that they would be easy to find again when I needed them. To make it easy to find essays and websites during my 23-hour exam, I also bookmark them in a Chrome exam folder.

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