Is it for me?

This is an obvious question if you plan to migrate your logbook to another program promising more comfortable operation and less paperwork. Every program has its own preferences and gets its own group of satisfied users who says 'this is the best one, nothing else compares to ***' etc. CQRLOG is not different.

Also, CQRLOG is a must:

  • if you are a dedicated DXer and/or Award hunter preferring 'classic modes' CW and SSB, active on daily regular basis who has a lot of contacts in his log
  • if you want a highest possible number of details on the station you are working or calling
  • if you want to have a very accurate DXCC, zones and IOTA statistics on the fly
  • if you want painless processing of a high number of QSL cards, LoTW and/or eQSL records
  • if you prefer the ergonomy over colourful screens with lots of buttons and boxes
  • if your operating style presumes to be focused more to your radio and the on-the-air scene than to your computer
  • if you prefer linux over Windows and want a more advanced logbook program, if you don't trust the commercial/shareware programs
  • if you are not satisfied with the support of your current logger

CQRLOG would be probably an overkill:

  • if you are a casual operator with quite few (thousands) contacts in your log
  • if you operate mostly on local repeaters or in local SSB roundtables
  • if DX is not the matter
  • if you prefer digital modes, however CQRLOG integrates with FLDIGI and WSJT, a high-end digital mode interface (sound card based software)
  • if you are a portable (SOTA etc.) guru using a minimalistic computer (ie. palmtop etc.)

CQRLOG is not for you:

  • if you want to use the same program for daily logging and contesting, however we don't exclude a CQRLOG clone dedicated to the contesters
  • if you operate a remote station which needs software control of almost everything, ie. you don't have any access to the front panel of your radio

Anyway, CQRLOG is here for you. Try it out and if you decide to stay with this logger, we will be pleased. Of course, it will be very heartwarming if CQRLOG will became the reason to leave Windows and migrate to Linux.