CQRLOG 0.8.2 released (2009-07-30)


  • MIX summary to DXCC statistic added
  • program freezes when trying to chage preferences with radio off, fixed
  • QSO from fldigi always gets freq from log, fixed
  • the same station were more than once in bandmap, fixed
  • auto add qsl managers, fixed
  • qsl manager extraction from qrz.com info fixed

Download here ...


n3meq's picture

high cpu usage cqrlog 0.8.2

I have been using cqrlog for sometime now. I downloaded latest version today and noticed very high cpu usage. Program does come up and run. I am not sure why cpu usage is so different, I was previously using version 0.8.0 on my Mandriva 2009.1 system.
I installed ver. 0.8.1 and cpu usage is now normal. I am not sure what this issue may be,
any thoughts would be appreciated.Nothing unusual in debug info.
My email n3meq@comcast.net

This issue has been resolved by installing ver.-0.8.2 with the cqrlog.cfg posted on main page.Here is the link: http://www.cqrlog.com/?q=webfm_send/77/3

Thank you for your help.