7O1YGF – Yemen approved for DXCC

Operation from April 16, 2000 through April 26, 2000.
(already reflected in the latest country files)

After reviewing recently-received information regarding the 7O1YGF operation, and after additional dialogue with a leader of the DXpedition, the DXCC desk has approved this operation.

Considering the length of time that has passed since this operation, we ask that DXCC participants who would like to claim credit for 7O1YGF follow the options below:

  • Send the 7O1YGF card ONLY to DXCC with a SASE, or return postage if outside the US; DXCC will process the card and applicants will not be charged a submission fee. 7O1YGF cards included with other cards will be handled as part of a normal submission.
  • Bring the card to a DXCC Card Checker. The card checker will forward the confirmation to the DXCC desk for processing. Again, there will be no submission fee if this is a single-card submission. You must fill out an application form, however.

In all other cases applicants can include their QSL card with their next submission, and it will be handled normally. We will work with the 7O1YGF team to use Logbook of the World if possible.

Remember, the cutoff date for the 2009 DXCC Annual listing and Honor Roll list is December 31, 2009. We encourage applicants to handle this sooner rather than wait until the last minute.

73 es DX!

Bill Moore NC1L
Awards Branch Manager