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After two months or so, we have new version. There are many bugfixes and also some new features. Bug in database upgrade script has been fixed, everyone who couldn't upgrade shouldn't have any problem with 1.8.2. Packages for Ubuntu 14.04 and 14.10 are already on Launchpad. More in Download section.


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Thanks for the great job!

73! Pawel

Still does not work with Debian 7.  Same error msg as with 1.8.1.
Looking for ver 1.0-0 and Debian 7 has 1.14-0 
Clayton N4EV

Clayton K4QM

Remember that cqrlog is developed on Ubuntu, which is tracking Debian Testing not Debian Stable.

The latest versions of cqrlog are expecting packages that exist in Jessie.

To install them:



1) aptitude install libpango1.0-dev

2) Create an empty directory and put the 1.8.2 download in it

3) repackage the deb for Wheezy.  The commands below are for the i386. so change the names for amd64.


What we're doing is unpacking the deb and editing the control file.  The Jessie/Ubuntu libpango package has a dash in the name, but Wheezy's package does not.  Wheezy does not have a libcairopango package, but cairopango is supplied by libpango-dev.  After changing those entries, we pack the deb back up again and it is ready to install:

$ ar x cqrlog_1.8.2-1_i386.deb
$ tar -xzf control.tar.gz
$ sed -i s/libpango-1/libpango1/g control
$ sed -i s/libpangocairo-1.0-0\ \(\>=\ 1.14.0\)/libpango1.0-dev\ \(\>=\ 1.30.0\)/g control
$ tar -c postinst postrm md5sums control | gzip -c > control.tar.gz
$ ar rcs cqrlog_1.8.2-1_debian_i386.deb debian-binary control.tar.gz data.tar.xz


You should have two .debs now - the original cqrlog file, and a new one that will install on Wheezy.

NOTE:  This "works for me" - it may not work for you.  Be careful, and make a backup of your data before you install the modified package.  If something bizarre happens and you accidentally erase your log, I can't help you.






Thanks for great update Petr. Update showed automatically in update manager and went smoothly. All the features work although I can't say for sure about all the bugs as they did not all show in my installation.
Great Job and again well done, CQRLog is enough on its own to get someone to switch to Linux :-)
73 de Graeme ZL2APV

Went from 1.7.3 on Ubuntu 14.04.  I run a DXSpider node here and have been connecting to my node with CQRLog.  Latest version will connect but will not show spots.  sh/ann and sh/wwv work fine just no dx  :-(

More info.  sh/config will show all the connected nodes.  Also sh/dx is getting passed to dxspider and dxspider is responding with the spots, just cqrlog is not showing them.

Went back to 1.7.3 and DX Cluster window works normal.

SH/DX nn works fine for me on 1.8.2. You did pass the number of spots to show?
73 Graeme ZL2APV

Tried it again tonight and same thing.  Are you telnetting or using a web connection?  Try telnetting to my node and see if it works ok
w8bs.no-ip.org 7300

Hi James,
connected to your node and did a sh/dx 50 with everything working perfectly. happy to make any other tests you need.
73 Graeme ZL2APV

Well that's interesting.  I went back to 1.7.3 and window works fine now.  I'll compare preferences between the two versions and see if I find something.

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CQRLOG 1.8.2 released!