Winkeyer USB server

I tried to put tlf into the game and I would like to use my WinKeyer USB for CW keying. There is daemon written in Perl from PA0R but it is designed for serial version of this key. Serial version has different initialization sequences. I tried to modify this daemon for USB version but with no luck. So I decided to write my own.


My application is not a daemon but it has a GUI. I believe, it is much more comfortable to set up the preferences in GUI, you have not to remember a lot of parameters, you can just run the WinKey server application, set preferences only once (program saves it into config file), click two buttons and you can use any program with cwdaemon support and keying with Winkeyer USB. The trick is in the UDP port - if your program has the capability to work with cwdaemon, it must have the possibility to look for the keying daemon on a UDP port. The UDP port number in your program and in the WinKey server must be the same, that's all!

Usually, programs employing mostly the UDP port 6789 as default, feel free to use it.

Program now supports speed increase/decrease (QRQ/QRS) and stop sending. Of course, you can increase/decrease sending speed with ++ or -- in the incoming text. In the future, I can add more commands from the cwdaemon.

Download here.