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Our country files version cqrlog-cty090930.tar.gz now have an addition of a huge list of operations not accepted by the DXCC Desk. The sources are the "Club Log" (http://www.clublog.org/loginform.php) and the "Operaciones no válidas" list, prepared by Lynx DX Group (http://lynxdxg.com/novalidas/novalidas.htm). Some disputed expeditions were consulted with Bill Moore, NC1L of ARRL (nc1l@arrl.org).

These operations are not accepted for various reasons - mostly no sufficient documentation has been provided, some are unauthorized operations (mostly the licensing authority was not entitled to issue a license), license has been revoked, the ops didn't have a landing permission or the operation was taken from a ship. The new expeditions where the documents are pending are NOT included.

There are also numerous records of permanent ship operations (museums etc.) aboard a cruiser, minelayer, tugboat, submarine, light vessel etc. Such operations are now marked as non-valid (by default) because any shipboard operation is not accepted in general. When applying for DXCC, do not include such stations. They are located in DL, U.K., USA, OH, SM etc. so no rare ones. No doubt you have already a regular, land based station from there.

Rebuild your DXCC statistics after installation of this new update!

Although very careful work, there is still possible that my tables are inaccurate or incorrect. Drop me a line if you see an apparent typo or syntax error. If you believe that a country files record is not accurate, try first to get more details by yourself. If you only think or feel that a record is not definitely correct, let me breathe freely, please. I'm not a DXCC check point and won't be! Let me know if a record is really incorect and include a credible confirmation of this fact. With apologies, I am unable to verify every suspicious entry, also every exception cannot be included etc. I have my own list of credible data suppliers and an operation is included if mentioned at least in 2 independent sources. Anyway, with all "security measures", there are unavoidable errors and inaccuracies.

Your patience will allow me to work another 15 years on the country files. Many thanks!

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