CQRLOG 2.0.0 has been released

We have probably the longest changelog ever. There are already all features I wanted in 2.0.0 that is the reason I decided to not use 1.9.x anymore. There are a few very interesting features.

CQRLOG now uses callbook to better country recognition. Especially U.S. callsigns have the problem e.g. KL7AB is not in Alaska but in U.S Washington state.

Another interesting feature is frequency memories. It's useful for 60M where we have only a few frequencies allowed.

Next one is a transverter support. You can set offset for each band. It's very useful for hams who use 70MHz or microwave frequencies.

Launchpad already created deb packages for Ubuntu 14.04, 15.10 and new Ubuntu 16.04 that will be released tomorrow. Debian users can download packages from the Download section.

New major version of CQRLOG has aslo new design of the home page. Enjoy!