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  • library libstdc++5 included into program installation
  • after saving QSO station appears in bandmap (it must be set in Preferences)
  • name is now capitalized also when you enter the 'Name' field
  • option 'Refresh Data after Save QSO' didn't work - fixed
  • if a non-default profile selected, after saving a QSO the profile turned to default - fixed
  • access violation after clicking to 'New QSO' in QSO list window and pressing ESC - fixed
  • autobackup didn't save last QSO - fixed
  • if 'Show only QSO since XX' enabled, autobackup saved only these QSOs - fixed

Download here.


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I have reinstalled xplanet and still can not get xplanet to update spots from cluster.
Ihave found that for some reason when xplanet is closed with cqrlog the marker file
is left untouched. When restarting cqrlog xplanet displays old markers and does not update.
Should marker file be empty when cqrlog starts it does update xplanet window, so I now run a shell script to clean marker file when xplanet exits. All seems to work quite well in this release, an excellent job and good developement.

Thank you,
Dave [n3meq]

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