OK2CQR is now OK7AN

After almost twenty years OK2CQR becames OK7AN. CQRLOG won't change it's name and everything will continue like before. If you meet OK7AN or the air, it's the same person like it was, just with different callsign :).


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Hi Peter,

It happened to me too, I changed from ON2 to ON5 after getting my Harec.
There was never a need, but I asked my wife to become a Ham, as such it felt like time to do another exam myself too.

new call

hi peter

after 35 years i have upgraded and will change my call as well... waiting for official word from FCC. is there a list of instructions someplace as to how to merge my data from my old call with the new one on cqrlog?
thanks john ka2vbi (hope soon to be NM2R)