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Hamlib provides a unified environment for the development of radio and rotator control applications. The release 1.2.10 includes many improvements since last official version.

The wiki site is available at http://apps.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/hamlib/

Version 1.2.10
* New models: IC-7200, PCR-1500, PCR-2500, RX-340, R&S ESMC, BC898T,
Si570 AVR-USB, Paragon (skeleton)
* New rotator backends: SPID, GS-232 (not A or B)
* Fixes and features: TH-F7E, K2, FT-920, Yaesu NewCAT, IC-7000, IC-7800,
IC-910, IC-718, IC-756PROIII, Tentec Orion, Jupiter, RX320, AOR-8000,
PCR-1000, Video4Linux, all the kenwood backends, GS-232A
* ABI version in backend symbols
* expose PTT/DCD setup through rig_set_conf()
* Parallel port PTT now following cwdaemon (STROBE+INIT) interface
* bindings
* ltdl update

Download pages are accessible at http://sourceforge.net/projects/hamlib, rpms, .deb and Win32 DLL's coming soon.

Please, check it out and report to hamlib-developer@lists.sourceforge.net A big update of the kenwood backend has been performed, so we'd like to hear about Kenwood rig owners. If your favorite rig is not in the supported list, feel free to ask. We need more beta-testers, so all the backends can reach the stable and fully supported state.

Many thanks to all the developers and testers who participated in this release. Contributors and backend maintainers are listed in the AUTHORS file.

Have fun and let us know!

73 de Stephane - F8CFE & the Hamlib team

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Hamlib 1.2.10 released