The country files update problem

It seems like every other new DXCC table to download doesn't work for me. When I start CQRLog, it asks if I want to download and install. I click Yes. It looks as if the download goes OK and I get a message that the import is complete and to restart the program. I click OK. Exit the program. When I restart the program it asks all over again. I have went through this process a few times with no completed results. I have also manually downloaded, imported, rebuilt and still get a notice to download the latest upon restart. If I wait until the next download, it seems to download, import, etc automatically with success. I feel I have a default installation which in right under my home directory, Ubuntu 8.10 (older Ubuntu did same thing).

The solution is here:

The only possible problem is the time stamp of country files. CQRLOG checks the date but due to different possible system time settings (local/UTC) the time stamp can be interpreted incorrectly. BTW many Linux users are not sure which time is used, they mostly setting the time within the desktop manager (Gnome or KDE) to local time.

In the folder should be /ctyfiles following files:



being checked against time stamp.

If I work on the country files at ± midnight, some problems being reported (mostly from the USA) because my system uses local time setting which is 1 hr in advance against GMT. The change is hardly possible because of system time synchonization - the time standard server runs in local time. So I must apologize for this problem.

Because of user in ALL time zones I have no chance to update the country files. The /ctyfiles folder will contain "old" files which are actually up-to-date but seen as "obsolete" they are updated again and again.


If you find any archive (tar.gz) in this folder, DELETE IT.
This should fix the problem. If the problem persists, you can change the date and time of following files:


to actual value.

The auto update feature is on by default. You can switch it off. This is an ulitmate solution.

In the main logging screen, go to

File -> Preferences -> Program -> (radio button) Check for newer versions of dxcc tables after program startup

UNCHECK this radio button and you will never see the annoying message.

We will make the update facility more forgiving in next versions. My apologies for that, the next version will fix this problem.