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I decided to release alpha2 version after a week because of bugs in ADIF import. No ADIF import - no testing. In this alpha are (hopefully) all ADIF import bugs fixed.

  • auto open recent opened log function added
  • ADIF import error log improved, now is saving to user's home directory
  • a lot of bugs with ADIF import fixed (QSL dates, data length, extra spaces etc.)
  • right click and columns moving in New QSO window didn't work - fixed
How to upgrade from version 1.0.0~alpha1
If you use deb package, just install new version. Nothing more. If you use tar.gz version, delete old version and create new directory for 1.0.0~alpha2.

How to upgrade from version 0.9.6 or older
It is described in article about CQRLOG 1.0.0~alpha1 release.

Packages for Ubuntu 10.04 and newer:

Complete application directory for other distributions:

It should work at any distribution but don’t forget to install MySQL server, MySQL client and hamlib libraries, first.

If you’ll find a bug or will have a suggestion please let me know here to the CQRLOG’s forum or send me an email to petr@ok2cqr.com. I have also jabber and my jabber address is petr@ok2cqr.com (I have my own jabber server). Thank you.



Now it's really work! Congratulations! I just imported HRD "native" (unreplaced "white spaces") adif and everything was fine... imported without errors.

73 bogdan

73, Bogdan

Also import all qso from Logger32 and Swisslog v5.8 is ok now!

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I re-installed new version CQRLOG. I imported my log (52000+ QSOs) but it stopped at 10912 QSOs with no errors. When I looked at imported QSOs in the QSO LIST it showed only a few hundred QSOs. They looked OK. So I went to PREFERENCES and entered "Show QSOs for past 10000 days" But it still showed only a few hundred QSOs. I went back to preferences and tried to change the number of QSOs but I could not change it. There is no longer option in PREFERENCES for "SHOW ALL QSOs".

Another problem I had.... I un-installed first alpha version before I re-installed new version. But when I started up new version I still had previous logbook with corrupted imported QSOs. I tried to delete the logbook but it will not let you delete the first logbook. So I had to manually delete QSOs which took a long.... long time with 52000+ QSOs. It would be nice to have "QSO ALL QSOs" option back in PREFERENCES.

I had some other problems while changing preferences. I could not change frequencies in BANDs. 80M USA band stops at 4.0 MHz instead of 3.8 MHz.

Keep up the good work. I know you will would out the bugs in new version of CQRLOG. It is a lot of work. I know because I did some programming back in the very early days of PCs.

73, Dan (W3DF)

73, Dan-W3DF

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Hi Dan,

there is no Show all QSO option. If you want to show all QSO, please use filter and set QSO date from eg. 1945-01-01 and QSO date to 2011-12-31. Now you should see all QSO. There is a problem to delete all QSO. I'll add function for it. Now, please create new log and run import again. Before that, please run CQRLOG from console. You should see reason why import crashed. Could you please send me your ADIF file? Thank you.

Where did you try to change frequency?

To version 1.0.0 I did a lot of changes in source code. Moving to mysql was big step ahead. Thank you for help!

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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I have done some investigation and found my problem. My Logs have been converted two times because years ago I used a DOS program (HYPERLOG), then when I switched to Windows log I had to covert again for LOGGER32. As a result there are some artifacts left in my log from these two conversions. I found that my problem was due to the "\" character in some of my fields. After I searched my log and removed this, the log imported with no errors. I have not done any detailed checking yet but everything looks OK so far.

The other problem is.... The program will not let you delete the first log you create. I guess this is for safety reasons. So I need to empty the this log and import my corrected log into it.

I can send my ADIF file if you need a big log for test. Let me know.

When I go to PREFERENCES, BANDS, FREQUENCIES, and try to change the band frequencies for 80M I get error message..... "80M is an invalid integer. Press OK to ignore and risk data corruption......" The computer freezes up at this point and I cannot exit from this unless I re-boot. I wanted to change upper frequency limit for 80M from 3.8 TO 4.0 MHz.

73, Dan (W3DF)

73, Dan-W3DF

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Dan could you please send me that adif file? I'd like to find out why it crashed. Thank you.

Also thank you for bug report, I'll fix it.

73 Petr, OK2CQR


For testing, I imported 2nd adif with some new entries added... the message popup ask me if I want to add the entries that already in... OK! but I can't select witch entries to add - only new ones, or all, or none - ... so ... Is possible to add in the near future search for duplicates - with some filters (call, time, date...)

73, Bogdan

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Hi Bogdan,

it is not possible now, but I'll add it to my todo list.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Just as a note. I normally leave CQRLOG running on the computer. From time to time when I return, CQRLOG claims that mysql server is no longer running or not able to connect. Restart opens the full log again, so this is basically a minor nuisance.

73 de Olaf LA3RK

PS: Keep up the good work. I am very pleased to have a logger for Linux

Olaf Devik LA3RK

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Hi Olaf,

I know about this annoying bug but don't know how to solve it. It is not happening regularly. I got this error just after saving QSO or after a few hours of program running. But I also can run it for whole day and no error. When it crashed again, I tried to look at mysql error log but it was empty. Maybe someting with connection parameters? I don't know but I'll find out.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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Just started using CQRlog,(been waiting for the 64 bit version) and a new Linux user at that. I am using Linux Mint. I wanted to tell you Peter that this is one of the best logging programs I have used, I have use many of them including the big ones. DX labs, HRD, winlog32, none of them felt real good. they were ok but not real good for me, I work a lot of digital modes, half my log is digital, the link between FLdigi and Cqrlog is one of the best and ranks up there with HRD and DM780, how ever your log book is 100 times better than HRD. The reason I post this is because on the main page, it states that this logging program is mostly for CW and SSB, I beg to differ, you might as well add digital to that statement. I think it is the best logger to use if you are into DX and Digital..... The others for windows were ok but using them with digital interfaces requires to many hoops to jump through, and were rather unstable at best. one of them even wants you to run a second logging program to make it work...
Thanks for making a great logger that interfaces with Fldigi so nicely. when I am operating I dont even give it a second thought. I know the contact will be logged properly look for my donation very soon..... All the best to you and your family my friend...... sk sk



In my installation, within a filtered group of dx stations, execution of auto mark qsl with QSO and first QSO checked , consistently crashes the
program with a "Transaction already active" error requiring a cancel to kill the program. The function with the same settings in an earlier filtered group in the same log installed in version 0.9.6 works normally.

The program otherwise works great. Congratulations on your good work. It sure is a pleasure to work this fine program with linux and allow me to
finally abandon Windows!

Best 73's
Richard, KY7Q

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Hi Richard,

I just fixed the bug. Thank you for bug report and kind words. I observe people are leaving Windows thanks to CQRLOG. It is amazing!

73 Petr

there are still problems with ADIF-import form older version of CQRLOG. The QSL_R and QSL_R date may be correct but the day is missing. Possibly only the output-format is too short.
LoTW sent and receive date are always set to '1899-12-30' regardless of the ADIF file.

vy 73 de Uwe (DH1UZ)

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Hi Uwe,

I know about this bug and it is already fixed. I suppose to release beta1 version soon. Thank you.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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