CQRLOG 1.3.0 released

After three months we have new version. Changelog is quite long. Ubuntu users can update from my ppa repository where are packages for Lucid, Maverick, Natty and Oneiric.

More at http://www.cqrlog.com/download


Some feedback

Thank You for the new version !

I notice that lotw1.txt and eqsl.txt are fetched automatically on startup. Thats nice.
The new eQSL works great also.

I will do some more testing, and post into the forum

Keep up the good work.

73 de Børge / LA4VGA

So far so good

Hi Peter the upgrades are great, everything is working 100% so far, I will continue test, but so far not a glitch at all, great job, now time for a beer and few good QSO'S TU Tom K8WDX!!!

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Great Job

Hi Petr & Martin,

you've done again a great job! I'm using CQRLOG a lot these days for QSL processing, LoTW uploads etc. And now even eQSL. This makes a lot of post-contest work a lot easier. I must say, that CQRLOG has become better than some widely used Windows-based logging software!

Tnx agn & 73

new version

Thanks for new version......working well here with UBUNTU 11.10 !
FB job !


didier F1MXE

eQSL download problem

Hi Petr!

I use and like the QCRLOG program, but I found a bug.
I use eQSL web site, set up the username and password in the program.
Eqsl upload is success, but at the download I get the error message: "eQSL page was probably changed, cannot find the link to ADIF file".
Please help solve this problem.

73 & DX de Janos

Hi Petr! Thanks your idea to

Hi Petr!

Thanks your idea to run it from console, because the output help me to find the solution.
The output is:

"Error: Multiple users with same Username/Password
If you change the passwords so they uniquely identify each callsign, or add a QTHNickname parameter, this will not be a problem."

I can solve the problem.


Why not use of QTHNickname

Why not use of QTHNickname parameter even on downloading eqsl?

thank you for this very nice job