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I did something wrong and can't force Launchpad to build packages for Precise Pangolin. I know that Ubuntu 12.04 is still under heavy development but if you want to try it, you can try CQRLOG as well.

Packages are here:

Source package is the same like for Debian.

Please let me know if it works. Thank you!


installed up date on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit . Sys loand but no radio control .
Do i have to reinstall hamlib

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I'm working on that. My binding to libhamlib doesn't work with new version so I decided to use rigctld in cqrlog. New version will be released before 12.04 release date.

Ok will look for it . great software .
I move to linux about 2 years ago and will not go back to the drark side
Thank you

how did you make out on the Radio control ?
All other parts are working great


In first time, congratulation for CQRLog ! It's a verry good log !

When your pressed Ctrl+O appears the log.
Why all QSOs are they not included?
The log is reduced ... Why ?
How can we see all the QSO? it's possible ?

Thank you...

Geoffroy, ON6GMT

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Hello Geoffroy,

cqrlog shows only 500 qso in the QSO list window. After you scroll to the fisrt/last record, next 500 qso is loaded. This is because of program speed. If you have a lot of QSO, it will take time to load.

If you want to show all QSO, you can use filter for that. Set Date from to 1945-01-01 and Date to set to today and you'll see all QSO. But it will be slower.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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CQRLog works much faster !!

Thanks a lot for this great logger.

73 Tom

---------------------- 73, SQ5RIX

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