CQRLOG installation hints

Please try downloading the binary installer before attempting to compile and link the source code. The binary install is the preferred method. If you have post installation problems the authors will be able to support your requests much quicker. You will probably find that it runs on your system. It has been tested on several distributions including the latest revisions of Slackware, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora and open SuSE Linux. The Linux binary is a statically linked executable that only requires hamlib on your system. It installs into your /home/~ directory, therefore you can install as many instances as you wish, which is most useful for users sporting more active call signs. Thorough tests shows that this rather unusual method is faster and more easy to maintain than the common choice - a single program installation with multiple logs choice.

Another option is the pure binary installation which can be copied into any directory. If you prefer another location, this option is for you.

Building from source code is not easy. CQRLOG is developed in Lazarus/Freepascal. You have to install fpc 2.0.4, download Lazarus 0.9.24, compile it for gtk2, install uib and lnet components.