CQRLOG 1.0.0~beta2 released

New version is here. I've fixed a lot of bugs, added two new functions. If you could, please download it and try to use it for daily logging. I'm going to release rc1 and then final version 1.0.0 but it depends on bugs you will find.
If you are keen in creating RPM packages, please try to create spec file and the package. I'd like to have version rc1 in RPM for Madriva, openSUSE and Fedora. Thank you.

  • clear log function added (in database connection window you can delete all log data but not delete the log itself)
  • echo for telnet dxcluster added (command you've send is also added do dxluster window)
  • a few font issues fixed
  • confirmed country on LoTW ignored paper confirmation - fixed
  • access violation when user deteled cluster from the list - fixed
  • error about wrong argument "2>" in LoTW sign function - fixed
  • saving confinguration to database after clicking to OK in Preferences window - fixed
  • access violation after clicking to Key macros button - fixed
  • missing scrollbars in all TMemo - fixed
  • before importing new qsl managers to database, old data were not deleted - fixed
  • randomly program crashing (with dxcluster connected and long time program inactivity) - fixed
  • "--skip-innodb" option from mysqld removed (on Mandriva mysqld didn't start)
How to upgrade from version 1.0.0~beta1
If you use deb package, just install new version. Nothing more. If you use tar.gz version, delete old version and create new directory for 1.0.0~beta2.

How to upgrade from version 0.9.6 or older
It is described in article about CQRLOG 1.0.0~alpha1 release.

Packages for Ubuntu 10.04 and newer:

Complete application directory for other distributions:

It should work at any distribution but don’t forget to install MySQL server, MySQL client and hamlib libraries, first.

If you’ll find a bug or will have a suggestion please let me know here to the CQRLOG’s forum or send me an email to petr@ok2cqr.com. I have also jabber and my jabber address is petr@ok2cqr.com (I have my own jabber server). Thank you.


ADIF Import Problem/Rig Control Did Not See Radio

I tried the DEB install on my Ubuntu 10.04 system. Installed and ran fine, but the ADIF import did not import all the records. My file has approximately 1000 records. No errors, but there were several months worth of records that just didn't import.

I also couldn't make the program see my K3 or WinKeyer. I'm going to try again, but had to roll back to 0.9.6.

Anything I can provide that might help troubleshoot?


I had some time to play with

I had some time to play with the new version today, and resolved my rig control problem. I had a configuration error. The rig control and winkeyer are now working properly.

I fixed the ADIF import by splitting the file and importing in sections. I emailed the file to you for you to look at. It's working OK now.

I'll continue to check for bugs, but the only problem I still see is the ADIF import issue.

Thanks for a great program! Looking forward to the release.


Export for label printing

in the 0.9.6 version the output csv-file is always callsign-sorted. So if i choose "Print 2 QSOs on one label" works as i expected. In the new version the output order is the same as in the QSL-List window. So the csv is orderd by date/time (this is my normal setting in the list window). If I select callsign sorting only the first 500 calls are checked for print out.
For me the best is to sort it with the DXCC first and second with callsign. This is the sorting I have to use for my QSL-card-office

with the new beta2 again a big step of programming is done. Fine bussiness

vy 73 de Uwe (DH1UZ)

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Re:Export for label printing

Hi Uwe,

in version 1.0.0 you must use this function in different way. At first, use filter to choose which QSO you want to have on labels and sort that filter by callsign. It will work as expected and it will export all qso as well. Not only 500 QSO.
QSL sorting is not so easy. It is not enought to sort it by DXCC and callsign. Callsigns like KH6/OK2CQR or DL/OK2CQR will end among KH6 or DL stations which is wrong. I have to create completely new sorting for this. It is quite a lof of code and quite a lot of changes into cqrlog source code. I don't want to do it into version 1.0. I decided to put these changes into next version e.g. 1.1 or so. This changes require a lot of testing and there is also a chance that I forget something and it will crash the application very often. I'm sorry about that.

If this fuinction is used withou filter enabled and sorting not by callsign, CQRLOG will show message with warning. I'll add this to comming rc1 version.
Thank you.

73 Petr, OK2CQR