Install the newest Version from CQRLOG on MX-Linux

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Install the newest Version from CQRLOG on MX-Linux

my CQRLog on MX-Linux ist 2.5.1
and the Label Print makes trouble.

How i. can Install the newest Version 2.5.2 (only the Label Print Bug) on another Debian Linux System
My MX-Linux will install with "sudo apt-get install cqrlog" only the 2.5.1 version
Update also
On Git i. have downloaded the newest file,
but i have no script to install for it.

I have no Ubuntu Linux, and the script is for only ubuntu users.
My Linux ist a MX-Linux Version21

vy 73

Install the newest Version from CQRLOG on MX-Linux

HI Gerhard !

If you have two machines that both are using same kind of cpu (64bit or 32 bit) you can just copy file /usr/bin/cqrlog to system that has older cqrlog.
But before doing that make safe copy of existing /usr/bin/cqrlog from the machine that has older cqrlog so that you can put it back if it does not work.
And of course it is good to make full ADIF export of all qsos in log, and in addition copy hidden folder ~/.config/cqrlog with all files and subfolders to safe place before swapping /usr/bin/cqrlog files.

Most recommended way is to compile cqrlog from source files. It is not difficult, you just need to install FPC (free pascal) and Lazarus (FPC GUI) and copy source files from GitHub.
At the moment you will get version 2.6.0 as the new version release is going to hopefully happen very soon.

There are some message chains in forum that have instructions how to compile. Compile process is mostly the same with all linux variants so these files will serve also your MX linux, I hope.

New Ubuntu and latest cqrlog
Mint 20 Cinnamon and new cqrlog


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