Ubuntu Mate 22.04, CQRLOG communication with TRX

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Ubuntu Mate 22.04, CQRLOG communication with TRX

I'm using CQRLOG now for 6 years and I have to say thank you to the whole Crew for your excelent work. Due to the fact, that the upgrade from Ubuntu Mate 20.04 to 22.04 failed, I had to install a new Ubuntu Mate 22.04 and also a new CQRLOG.
the installation worked, I changed the database to MariaDB, but I was not able to start the USB communication with my TRX. At least it was a very simple error in the rigctld configuration. Maybe it is helpfull for any Newbies at Linux. If you use USB for your connection to the TRX, you have to fill out the "device" box with following string:
The letter USB must be written in capital letter, otherwise you get no connection.

73, Hardy DL8YDU

Ubuntu Mate 22.04, CQRLOG communication with TRX

Hi Hardy!

Fine that you got it working!

Device may also be something else like "/dev/ttyS0" if you have true serial port in your PCs motherboard.
Or number can be something else than "0" depending how many USB devices you have or how many true serial ports you have.

Be aware that "/dev/ttyUSB0" number may change later if you have several USB devices and you reorder connection sockets.
With new Hamlibs (rigctld) you can also use "/dev/serial/by-id/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" where "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" is your rig's ID.
Good side with this is that it never change when you add or reorder USB devices.
Open command terminal and give:
ls /dev/serial/by-id
Then connect your rig's usb wire and give command again. You see what id appears to listing with rig connected.

With serial devices you have to remember that with some Linuxes your username should be added to group of "dialout" for access to devices
Others have this already set as default.

And the "device" box can also have IP address and Port in from: in this example IP address is and Port is 6700. This can be used with some SDR rigs or with remote connected rigctld.

And finally Linux: is a case sensitive operating system. Up- and lowcase names are different everywhere.

These are things good to recall for every now and then.


Ubuntu Mate 22.04, CQRLOG communication with TRX

Hi Saku,
thanks for your comments. Of course, there are many different operating systems with Linux cernels and all are a little bit different. I also had to add the user to dialout, but I'd forgotten, that the input in the "device" is so sensitive. In my case it doesn't matter if the USB port changes, with the refresh TRX/ROT control I get the connection again. Thanks again for your support and have a nice weekend.

73, Hardy DL8YDU