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a third transceiver ?

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a third transceiver ?

Would it be possible to manage a third transceiver with cqrlog? .(Currently, I pilot an IC-7700, a sunsdr2dx and remain the IC-7610) .I put the question to the designers?... In the meantime, thank you for this excellent software which helps me every day.
Thanks for reading me.
73 de F5JQF

a third transceiver ?

This has been discussed before.

Possible, but needs lot of work with TRXControl, Preferences and possibly also elsewhere.
Perhaps a completely new design as after we have 3rd rig someone wants also 4th and so on...


a third transceiver ?

Thank you for this answer and I understand the explanation. I'm going to take a close look at this script idea.. to try!.. In the meantime, thank you for this idea and all my good 73 dear Saku.

CQRlog 2.6.0 (119) GtK2 / Hamlib 4.5.5 / Linux Mint 21.2 Cinnamon