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Wrong frequency shown in Frequency field in New QSO window

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Wrong frequency shown in Frequency field in New QSO window


After several years of happy usage, suddenly the frequency field shows wrong values. For instance, I have my IC7300 now tuned in 7190 and field shows 153.040. I move the dial and the frequency on the field changes but with wrong values.

And amazingly I call wsjtx from the application and frequencies of FT8 QSOs are transferred and shown properly.

No changes in the configuration were made, at least on purpose. My Hamblib version is 4.5.
I have the following parameters in TRX control window:

Path: /usr/local/bin/rigctld
RIG Model: 3073 Icom IC-7300
Host: localhost
Device: (port of the radio, no issue with this)
Poll rate: 500
Port number: 4532
Run rigctld when program starts: checked
SErial speed: 19200 (checked that same than in radio)
Data bits: default
Stop bits: default
Parity: default
Handshake: None

Please help??!!??

Wrong frequency shown in Frequency field in New QSO window


Please try this.
In command console give command:
rigctld --version

And command:

whereis rigctld

And paste those answers to your message.

Have run (or automated run) any linux updates recently when this started?
Could it be that your linux has now two versions of rigctld?

I have just seen same kind of report in Cqrlog Telegram forum. The difference of rig and TRXConsole was always 145.850, same as you have.
In that case you should remove all Hamlibs and then install just the 4.5 version.

I have feeling that some "__buntu" now update Hamlib so that there are rigctld in /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin and then the library may point to wrong version according to rigctld that is running.


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