CW messages from contest window

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CW messages from contest window


I casually participate in contests, but I especially miss these two functions:

1) It should be possible to cancel the currently keyed CW message with e.g. the Esc button. The help file says that this should work anyway: "1x ESC returns cursor back to Call-field [...] It also halts CW memory output if it is just running." But the latter is not or no longer the case. I'm using CQRLOG 2.5.2 from Ubuntu 23.10 and control my rig using hamlib.

2) I'd really like to key out the currently incomplete callsign. So far, I can only key out the call when I leave the call field. But when there is a pile-up and I only understand, e.g., "OK", then I'd like to enter "OK" into the call field and key out those letters while the cursor is still in the call field. As soon as the caller repats their callsign, I can complete it and skip to the next field. Would that be possible to implement? It would also be great if I could start keying the call while I'm still typing it in.


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CW messages from contest window

HI Steve!

Both 1&2 are fixed in Alpha 2.6.0(119), partially and fully next coming (120).
Do they ever appear in official version, I can not know.


untriedleech (not verified)
good idea

I'm using hamlib to manage my rig and CQRLOG 2.5.2 from Ubuntu 23.10. If I could answer a phone while I'm still typing, that would be fantastic.

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Your article was very interesting to me. It enriched my understanding and broadened my perspective on the subject.
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peachshe (not verified)

I didn't attempt to remove the record from CQRLog. I did, however, change the record in CQRLog under the mistaken impression that it would also be changed in HamQTH basket random; instead, it was inserted as a new record.

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It improved my understanding and widened my geometry dash scratch viewpoint on the topic.

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