How to use the Membership feature

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How to use the Membership feature

I am new to CQRLog and am setting it up now.

I want to track my SKCC contacts in a separate log. In Memberships, I set up SKCC as my first club.

I did a Join Clubcall in the club database with Call field in the main database.

I stored the string "SKCC #%n" in the Award field.

I think the functionality should work like:

- I enter a log entry for a callsign
- CQRLog looks up the callsign in the club list
- If there is a match, it populates the field int the Awards field.

It's not doing this.

Am I misunderstanding the feature?

DId I configure this correctly?



How to use the Membership feature

When you selected first membership did you also "load" membership file?
Loading opens small window that shows load status and loaded callsigns count.

After this is done it should work. I have similar file called cqrusers. There are calls with whom I have contact here in forum or via emal.

Every time I add callsign I must do memership load again.
By doing that entering a callsign to NewQso and then moving out from callsign column Cqrlog makes look to loaded list and if callsign is found prints to award column.


gazelleeight (not verified)
Hello skibidi toilet, When a

Hello skibidi toilet, When a call sign loads, a tiny window displaying the loading status and quantity loaded appears. When finished, it will function. I have a file called cqrusers that is similar. I've made several calls, either through email or this forum.

goodwillunused (not verified)
How to use the Membership feature

It seems you are misunderstanding its features basketball stars