Is CQRLOG still actively developped?

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Is CQRLOG still actively developped?

I know there are some alpha or beta versions of 2.6.0, but it has fallen awfully silent over the last couple of months.
2.5.2 is still the latest official release according to the website (since 2021). And the last update on 2.6.0 (build 119) is already over 7 months old.

For me, 2.6.0 works fine, so I wonder when 2.6.0 will become the official release?

Furthermore, the forum is bombarded with spam, which leads me to believe it is not actively moderated anymore.

It would be a pity if this program is going down, as I think it is the best available logging sw for Linux.

Peter / PA3FQH

OH1KH Saku and OK1RR martin I

OH1KH Saku and OK1RR martin I think are the ones in charge of development and maintenance.
You can find the latest version(127) here:


Thank you for replying.
The point is that there have been some beta versions over the last 3 years, but no official release. The last official release is from '21. This will install on Ubuntu 2204LTS but refuses to run (SQL error) I got this question from a friend, and I could repeat his problem on a fresh VM with this version of linux.
Although this is easily solved by compiling a later beta (119 in my case), imho this is not how it should be.
Besides this, version 2.5.2 has some problems with uploading to HRDLOG or clublog and e-qsl due to the fact that these services have changed there API a little over time.
Therefore I think it is now becomming critical that a new official release is issued. Newbies on the program will be easliy chased away if the official release does not work from start.
I have been using 2.6.0 (various release) for a couple of years now, and find it quite stable, so why not freeze a version and issue it?

Oficial version

Petr should release an official version... but he doesn't want to compile one for each distribution, debian,fedora,etc.
he wanted to release an appimage, but I think he didn't get the support he needed for that...
What Saku does, works fine!!!
Besides petr surely has other priorities like:
1) Family
2) Work
4)a senseless fight against FT8


Hello Juan,

Thanks for the reply.
I agree Saku does a good job, compiling works for me.
But I try to make others enthusiastic about the software, and that's where it goes wrong.
When they try to install the official repository version on e.g. Ubuntu 2204 and it doesn't work, and I give them the commands to compile....
They usually abandon and look for something else (e.g. qlog)
Too bad in my opinion.
But I truly appreciate the amount of free time that has been consumed by making this program great. Kudo's to all contributors!!

Peter / PA3FQH