Interface to start QSO with callsign/comment?

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Interface to start QSO with callsign/comment?

I'm setting up some station automation and I would like a way to start a QSO log with a callsign and possibly a comment for the QSO from another application. I want to finish the log inside CQRLOG, but if that's not possible I could throw together an external UI to get the RST and other data.

Is there a good solution for this? wsjt-x/fldigi remote modes obviously support fully creating a QSO log, but if there is a way to have them just pre-fill the information for the callsign, etc and then let the user finish the log inside CQRLOG, I'm afraid I need some guidance on how to figure that out. Perhaps there's something else already in existence?

Apologies if this is obvious and I'm just not googling for the right terms.

-Ben AB4EN

Interface to start QSO with callsign/comment?

HI Ben!

There is no good solution for that.
One is to select wsjtx remote mode and then create another program that emulates wsjtx sending UDP datagrams to cqrlog.

Second is to select fldigi remote XML.
For that you need to create a web server to localhost:7362 (that is default but can be changed)
Server must answer to POST requests same way as fldigi does.

But both ways fail to full fill your needs to manually add more qso information and do the qso saving.

There is also ADIF remote, but that also saves qso immediately when ADIF data is received as UDP datagram.


mariahcarey (not verified)
If CQRLOG has an API, you

If CQRLOG has an API, you could develop a small application that sends the necessary information to start a QSO log to CQRLOG. mapquest

elisait (not verified)

If I were you, I would use CQRLOG's External Data Input.

CQRLOG supports external data input through its "Remote" functionality. This allows you to send data to CQRLOG from another application. You can utilize this to send the callsign and other relevant information to CQRLOG.

Develop a small script or application that communicates with CQRLOG through its remote capabilities. This script can be triggered by your external application to send the necessary 337 data to CQRLOG.

You may need to refer to CQRLOG's documentation or community forums to understand the specifics of its remote functionality and how to utilize it.

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