CQRLOG 1.3.2 - TRX control testing

Long time a go, I found a pascal binding for Hamlib. It was not working, so I did some changes to get it work. My TS-930SAT and FT817 worked without any problem. Unfortunately many CQRLOG users had problem with TRX control. Radio didn't read/send freq, program randomly hangs. Finally, I decided to abandon the pascal binding and wrote small library that uses rigctld.

I thought I'll release new version this weekend but maybe it will be better if more users could test new TRX control. Here is the screen-shot of new TRX control tab:

New TRX control

I hope that fields are self-explained. After you run CQRLOG for the first time, please set your correct Rig model id - recent list of supported rigs is here: Supported radios. Check Run rigctld after program starts option and you can try TRX control for the first time. After you click to OK, TRX control should work. If not, please go to New QSO window → File → Refresh TRX control. If still is not working, you probably should be more specific and add extra option to rigctld command line parameters. List of all rigctld options is here: rigctld man page in PDF

I decided to release only binaries in tarball. Source code are at SVN repository on Sourceforge. Please download tar.gz which meets your architecture and give it a try. Don't forget to install libhamlib-utils (Debian/Ubuntu users).


Please try new version and please let me know if it works. You can send email or put your feedback here into comments to this article. Thanks a lot!


CQRLog 1.3.2_x64

Hi Petr!
Thank you for new version of CQRlog.
All works fine under Ubuntu 12.04 Beta2 64 bit with my rig Yaesu FT-450.
I only had to add an ubuntu user to the group "dialout" to get rights to work with /dev/ttyUSB0.
73! de Vlad, UA3XFO

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ts-450s all ok petr
great ciao e 73 de ik3ocd

CQRLog 1.3.2_x86 TS-480

Hi Petr,
couldn't get TS-480 work with rigctld. Tried also this but no use. In actual version (1.3.1_1) works like charm.

73 Vlada, yt1bx

Re: CQRLog 1.3.2_x86 TS-480

Hi Petr,
tried that with 9600 (as it works in v.1.3.1_1) and also -m 228 -r /dev/ttyS0 -s 9600 -C stop_bits=1 & , but still not working.

73 Vlada, yt1bx

Re: CQRLog 1.3.2_x86 TS-480

Hi Petr,
it all works now. Silly me, haven't checked box "Run rigctld when program starts" :bump: .Sorry!
It's necessary to put -s 9600 in cmd line or it won't work; setting stop_bits is not crucial.
As much as I can see, there's delay about 1/2 second between band change and frequency it writes in TRX window - in v.1.3.1_1 it's immediate change.


73 Vlada, yt1bx

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Works with TS-590

Hi Petr,

works fine with Kenwood TS-590S at 115200 Baud (command line argument -m %m -r %r -t %t -s 115200).