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Date format

Hi Guys:

Running the latest cqrlog on Ubuntu - all seems A-Ok however I noticed on the logging screen the date format is in MM/DD/YY and it's the same in the Qso Listings - I have checked in the set-up and preferences but there seems no way of altering it to DD/MM/YY - anyone with a clue ?

I suspect I might need to go in and edit the .config file !

Cheers Peter G4NKX:

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Re: Date format

Hi Peter,

date format should be YYYY-MM-DD as default. Do you see MM/DD/YY format? There is no way how to change format in Preferences.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: Date format

Hi Petr

Great Program for Linux (Thanks)... apologies - yes default is yy/mm/dd its no big deal, just that when I was looking at it seemed strange.
Apart from that I can report no problems this end using Ubuntu 9.04 (Jaunty) I did need a couple of Lib files to run but nothing out of the ordinary.

Thanks again - 73 de Peter G4NKX

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