How to set rig control port?

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How to set rig control port?

I have CQRLOG connected to my FT1000MP via the serial port on my computer. In all the other logging programs that I've used I have had to specify the com port for the rig connection. Did I miss something in setting up CQRLOG?

Everything else works magnificently.

Joe Feustle, N8JF

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Re: How to set rig control port?

Hi Joe,

CQRLOG also has com port settings. It's called 'Device' and you can find it on TRX Control tab in Preferences window. If your radio is connected to COM1, put /dev/ttyS0 into that field (or /dev/ttyS1 for COM2 etc.). Next to 'Device' is Settings button that shows window where you can set port parametters like serial speed, parity etc.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Petr, Thanks. I'm still


Thanks. I'm still learning Linux.

73 Joe, N8JF

Joe Feustle, N8JF