FSK RTTY keying

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FSK RTTY keying

Ok... this is not exactly CQRLOG content... but it related to how I make Q's that go into CQRLOG.

There are certain times when I really prefer FSK contacts on RTTY compared to AFSK using the sound card. I really like my 350hz CW/RTTY filter. If the band conditions are challenging it is hard to beat the mechanical filter. (FLDigi with AFSK is great... don't get me wrong... but there are moments that FSK is a good tool as well.)

Today I was able to get MMTTY to run on Linux using Wine. Maybe this is old news but when I searched for info it did not look like other folks had much success getting it to work. It was fairly simple once I went to the adavanced settings for the Comm/USB configuration.

I posted the details on my blog:


Little wins like this and tools like CQRLOG are proving that you can have a pretty viable shack that is built around Linux.

73 John, NG0R

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Re: FSK RTTY keying

Hi John,

fldigi has pseudo-fsk mode. It generates switching signal like a sound into a sound card. You can build small interface and use it like full FSK from serial port.

Martin has described it here:


73 Petr, OK2CQR