CQRLOG kills running rig control

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CQRLOG kills running rig control

I've been having this problem since 2013. I start rigctld at boot, it works fine with fldigi, gMFSK, and Xlog. Repeated program starts and stops have no effect, rigctld survives. With CQRLOG, the first time the program starts, it connects to rigctld, and works normally. When I close CQRLOG, rigctld crashes with the message broken pipe.

Here is a snippet from the terminal window where I ran rigctld.

root@devuan:/home/dad# rigctld -m 125 -r /dev/ttyS0 -s 4800 &
[1] 9791
root@devuan:/home/dad# pidof rigctld
root@devuan:/home/dad# pidof rigctld
[1]+ Broken pipe rigctld -m 125 -r /dev/ttyS0 -s 480

Also, if you refresh TRX control, rigctld crashes with same message.

I don't think that rigctld likes the way CQRLOG disconnects from it on program closure. However fldigi, Xlog, and gMFSK do not cause rigctld to die.

I'm running CQRLOG vers. 2.0.4

- Chuck N0NC

CQRLOG kills running rig control

Chuck this is an ongoing problem with cqrlog and rigctld - I have reported this before without any solutions from Petr or any one else. I didn't see a broken pipe crash as you reported but rigctld would quietly exit after cqrlog was shut down even if rigctld was started by another process or started at boot. It even will kill a running rigctld started and owned by root, which seems like a security problem but I'm not a guru with running processes and permissions.

Good luck and if you find a solution please report back so everyone can benefit

Tim - KF5RLL

CQRLOG kills running rig control daemon

Tim I've had this problem since 2013,have reported it as a bug, but no fix has been forthcoming. as you can see from the original post, I ran rigctld from, a root terminal, then looked at the PID to make sure it was running. CQRLOG works normally. When exiting from CQRLOG, either press enter in the root terminal, or run pidof rigctld, then you will get the message [1]+ Broken pipe rigctld -m 125 -r /dev/ttyS0 -s 480. As I said above Xlog, fldigi, gMFSK, xdx all will connect and dissconnect repeatedly from rigctld without problem. But not so with CQRLOG. Something about the way CQRLOG disconnects from the pipe is causing the rigctld daemon to die. There are a number of other issues that keep me using N1MM and Logger32 under windows 7 when I would like to move completely to Linux.

Chuck - N0NC


I use rigctld as a server for my ft-857 with this command
rigctld -m 122 -r /dev/ft857d -s 9600 -d 3 -p -P -v

After that I am able to use it from many other programs with option Hamlib NET (-m 2) Port (-r localhost:4532)
Serial interfaces can't serve multiple connections. Using rigctld server you may have as many connections as you wish.