LoTW returns "invalid adif file header"

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LoTW returns "invalid adif file header"

If I use the menu /QSL/LoTW/Import/Download and process data from LoTW website the following message occurs:
"Something is wrong because LoTW server returned invalid adif file header. Yout LoTW username/password could be wrong or LoTW server is down.
Do you want to show the file?"
My access credentials are definitely right and the LoTW server isn't down.
But if I check the returned file from LoTW, I see that this isn't an ADIF file.
So the message "invalid adif file header" seems to be right, because of the non-ADIF-file.
Are there any suggestions to solve my problem?
73 de Jens

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Re: LoTW returns "invalid adif file header"

Could you paste here what do you have in the ADIF file please? Thanks!

Before the error message

Before the error message occurs I've chose the menu QSL/LoTW/Import/Download and process data from LoTW website.
After this the downloaded data are saved under ~/.config/cqrlog/lotw/[timestamp].adi

But the saved data are not really in adi format but in html.
If I check the html-content in a bowser a lotw login page occurs.
My access credentials to lotw are correctly saved in CQRLOG... I'm not unterstand this misbehaviour...

This is the content of the "adi" file:

ARRL's Logbook of the World

jQuery( document ).tooltip();

jQuery(document).ready(function() {

Today is Sun, 2 Apr 2017 UTC

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// don't gronk the autofocus attribute on the input element
window.onload = function() {
var input = document.getElementById("username").focus();

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Note: This is not the password
sent to US amateurs via postcard!

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Username/password incorrect

Try entering your password in all lower case. If that doesn't work, please contact the Help desk via e-mail at LoTW-help@arrl.org or other methods at Getting Help

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sorry .. but the forum

sorry .. but the forum software decodes the html content and shows the the frontend view...

But it's sure, that I'm receive data in html format instead of adi.