Problem with CQRLog setting output Filter on spot selection

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Problem with CQRLog setting output Filter on spot selection


I've been using CQRLog for years now. Big thanks to Petr for a great software.

Until recently, I was using 2.0.4 since I couldn't get 2.1.0 installed on LMDE2 using the .deb package since the change in dependencies. I finally figured out that the problem is with LMDE2 that is still running on old-stable.
Anyways, I digress.. I am now running 2.1.0 installed from binaries instead of from .deb and it works great, except that I found something VERY annoying has changed with the new version -- Filters get changed every time I click on a spot, either in the DX cluster window or the bandmap.

2.0.4 or any previous version had even done that, but now with 2.1.0 it does it every time. I know it's not my rig as it only does this with CQRLog, not with any other software on Linux (or Windows).

Rig is IC-7000.

Thinking this was a change in calls to rigcltd, I ran cqrlog in debug mode.
Here is the relevant output from cqrlog console debug mode:
BandMapItems[200].Freq: 1.4241000000128000E+004
Sending: F 14241000

Sending: M USB 1800

Msg from rig: 14261700
RPRT -11
Sending: fmv

Msg from rig: RPRT 0
Msg from rig: 14241000
Msg from rig: USB
RPRT -11
<?xml version="1.0"?>

Callsign not found

Sending: fmv

Msg from rig: 14241000
Msg from rig: USB
RPRT -11
Sending: fmv

How do I stop CQRLog from sending 'M USB 1800' ???

I realize I could set the mode to 2400, but I don't want it to override my filter selection. I prefer to do that manually.

Thank you,

Marc-Andre, VE2EVN

ic7000 mode

HI !

Have you installed also latest Hamlib? If not, please do so.
If you have installed WSJT-X you might have very latest version of Hamlib installed with it. It has exec binary named rigctld-wsjtx.
If you have that change it's name and path to cqrlog's preferences trxcontrol.

Rigctrld command "M" or "\set_mode", in long form, needs mode and also bandwidth parameter. If bandwidth is given as 0 rigctld uses default value for it.
When cqrlog (rigctld) is running you can see filters and bandwidths for your rig staring "telnet localhost 4532" using console.
When telnet opens give command "\dump_caps".

I tried to make fast peek last night to bandmap code to see how it acts when a line is doubleclicked. How ever it was a bit complicated and I did not get any result then. I'll look it again some day in future.

I assume you have looked at NewQSO/File/Preferences/Modes and set bandwidth there to be as wide you want.


[Solved] Problem with CQRLog setting output Filter on spot selec

Hi Saku,

Thanks for the reply. I did some testing and "discovered" putting the Modes bandwidth to 0 fixed the issue. Then I had a recollections that I had done so quite a few years ago, when I first started using CQRlog. I didn't dream it.. I found the page:
4) Radio control of my Icom works but I am unable to set a frequency. What now?

Check Preferences -> Modes and set the bandwidth to 0 for all modes.

Now I know I did this years ago, but somehow they all got reset. At first I assumed it was a bug in the latest version, but then I realized with with this version I changed my install method, from the compiled .deb file to the .tar.gz complete install. I think somehow that reset those settings.

Btw, there is still a bug in the bandmap not tracking enough spots, but I'll create a new post for that.