cqrlog 2.05 (001) under xubuntu 18.04

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cqrlog 2.05 (001) under xubuntu 18.04

I am running a Thinkpad lenovo T60 with xubuntu 18.04. after installing cqrlog I can start it but get no success with the database.

" cannot load default MYsql libvrary (libmysqlclient.so.16)

Does anybody can help me?
73 malte dl2gmk

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Re: cqrlog 2.05 (001) under xubuntu 18.04

What is the exact reason to use an obsolete CQRlog version and NOT the most recent one, please? At the time of Ubuntu 18.04 release was actual the current 2.3.0. Add Petr's PPA, perform apt-get update and reinstall. I did the same (migrated from Debian 9.5 to lubuntu 18.04) and no problem at all!

73, Martin, OK1RR