Can't import correctly from LOTW [SOLVED]

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Can't import correctly from LOTW [SOLVED]

<p>I've been trying to import QSOs from LOTW. I have about 150 that refuse to import, and I have no idea why. It says SSB is the "Wrong QSO mode." How can that be????</p>
<p><br />&lt;APP_LoTW_OWNCALL:4&gt;NM3S&lt;STATION_CALLSIGN:4&gt;NM3S&lt;CALL:5&gt;CE1TT&lt;BAND:3&gt;10M&lt;FREQ:8&gt;28.46300&lt;MODE:5&gt;SSB</p>
<p>Current&lt;PFX:3&gt;CE1&lt;APP_LoTW_2xQSL:1&gt;Y&lt;APP_LoTW_QSLMODE:3&gt;SSB&lt;GRIDSQUARE:6&gt;FH41UM&lt;CQZ:2&gt;12&lt;ITUZ:2&gt;14&lt;eor&gt;<br />ERROR: Wrong QSO mode: SSB</p>

Can't import correctly from LOTW


I assume you have pasted ADIF to your massage. Brackets do not display correctly in message.
So it is a bit hard to read here.

How ever it looks like there is something with the mode-tag.
Your text from message:
My test adif export:

Why LoTW gives mode-tag with length 5 when there is just 3 letters?

You could try to download qsos to file ( I think you have done that) then change wrong mode tag and import fixed file to cqrlog.

sed 's/MODE:5>SSB/MODE:3>SSB/g' input.file > output.file

See this


That was it!

Thank you very much, OH1KH! That was definitely the problem. Shows how much I understood the ADIF format - a little better now, thanks to you.

The original entries on LOTW had PHONE, which CQRLog didn't like. So I changed PHONE to SSB, but didn't change the field length (since I didn't know that's what it was), so of course the program blew up!