What is happening in CQRLOG development

New version of CQRLOG was released long time ago. I'm very busy with my daily job and don't have much time to be on the air or developing CQRLOG. Fortunately we have Saku, OH1KH and others who still send pull requests. Thank you guys!

One reason why new version has not been released for so long is problem with DEB packages. When I want to relase new version I always spend hours creating and testing the packages. Unfortunately it's getting harder because I can't use the same package for Ubuntu 18.04 and 19.10. They have to have different dependencies. Right now I'm trying I created cqlog snap package. There are a few problems but application is working. I have to solve some path issues and it will work including rig control etc. After that I'll probably give up DEB packages. Snap is very similar to docker and for me, it's much easier to create it than a flatpak. But with some experiences and help from flatpak community, we'll create it.

Snap and flatpak packages will do everything much easier to us. These packages can be create after each push to CQRLOG source code repository and releasing new version will be very easy. I'll keep you posted. Thank you for the patience.


What is happening in CQRLOG development

Something "easy" is really needed for fist time installing.

How ever when having an cqrlog installation that is proved to run, upgrade is mostly just copying cqrlog binary file over existing /usr/bin/cqrlg.
Real easy to do. We just need an automated system to produce a new snapshot binary after every merge as the compile could be too difficult for non programming oriented user.

But that has also other side. We MUST make user to understand that sometimes updates have bugs and a working backup/restore procedure for logs and whole program is most important to learn.

Perhaps I have used Linux too long, well I still remember how hard it was to understand that there are no C:/ D:/ etc drives and that also all devices are under same root directory like files.
How ever I still think that in case of cqrlog the most easiest way to do first time install is just extract the tgz file (found at bottom of download page). But it is just because of so many years without Windows in house.

Harder thing to collect are the needed library files. Not to install them from package, but find them as different distributions of linux use different names for some packages.

I hope that snap package would be the solution for first time install. After that, as said, upgrade is usually just copy a new binary file over existing one. The /usr/bin/cqrlog.

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please not snaps

If you can please not snaps because is ubuntu oriented package system. Beter idea is flatpak or appimage.

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flatpak, qtk3 ?

1. Flatpak is full opensurce. On other side snap is little closed and full control on Canonical. App store is controlled and maintained solely by Canonical.
2. I like qt5 but why you don't make cqrlog-gtk3 ? Now is gtk2 so natural is make gtk3 version. And what version qt you use 4 or 5 ?
3. If im find some free time i try make flatpak but firs i must write manifest file for it ;)

flatpak, qtk3 ?

Just FYI:
cqrlog compiles and runs ok with gtk2 and qt5. (just tried qt5 by myself)
Build with gtk3 stops at issue with LCLNet (no further study).

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ok. i can live witch qt ;)

ok. i can live witch qt ;) but prefer gtk hehe (on next week im donate cqrlog but please try one more time make gtk3 version ;) )
Other questions.
1. Do you plan add carlilo file export? This is the only thing I miss. Because the comntest mode is maybe very basic but it is enough for me.
2. I use version from http://www.saunalahti.fi/~sakny/bin/cqrlog2/ meybe can you add somethings like that to oficial website and update every Saturday, for example. (somethings like cqrlog-master). The more people test new versions, the faster errors will be caught.

Re: please not snaps

Hi Petr!
Do you really have full working QT5 compilation?
Most of things seems to work, but looks like LoTW download has -1 index issue with @SockCallBak.
That leads to qt5/qtprivate.pp line 290

Looks like response to login attempt from LoTW returns something unexpected, or nul.
With gtk2 it works ok as usual.

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Re: What is happening in CQRLOG development

Hi Saku,

snap packages can be generated after every push to the repository and they'll be available in dev channel of snap repository. You can have both stable and devel versions installed.
Upgrading should be also easy, you'll be prompted by package manager. There is no need to copy files by hand. The cqrlog binary will be part of the snap.

Yes, copying of binary file into /usr/local/bin is easy but only when you know what are you doing. Linux is used by "average" users who are not so keen in application compiling, copying files as root etc. For me, it's much easier to use git pull && make clean && make && make install. But I'm not average user. CQRLOG is also for people who don't know how to compile applications.

I also remeber when I had to mount devices by hand, doing magic to have codecs, nice fonts, working hardware etc. But right now I'm glad it works and I can do only what I like.

73 Petr

What is happening in CQRLOG development

Snap sounds too good to be true :-) I hope it really runs with all distributions.

Also QT5 sounds good.
Gtk2 support of Lazarus begins to be a bit outdated.
Cq-monitor now does not use any external plugin so there should not be any difficulties to compile with QT5. Few times I have considered to compile with QT5, but had other things to fix. And that is safer with "good(?) old Gtk2".

I must do linker bindings for QT5 and try it.


Thank you, That was the news I have been waiting for.