compiling CQRLOG: dData->CreateDatabase compile error

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compiling CQRLOG: dData->CreateDatabase compile error

When build is run I get the following error: dData.pas(1219,30) Error: Wrong number of parameters specified for call to "CreateDatabase"

I am in the process of compiling CQRLOG so that I can debug the non-standard serial port problem. As expected, getting a project loaded and running on a complex IDE such as Lazarus is a challenge. I have had some success. I have installed Lazarus, installed UIB, installed lnet, install unit libc, downloaded the cqrlog source package and opened the project file without complaints from Lazarus. Now I am attempting compilation.

This error seems odd, as the declaration in uib indicates two parameters that are set to default values. No parameters are present in the method calls in dData but it seems there should not need to be so I'm not sure why the compiler is complaining. Perhaps there is a preferences in Lazarus that I am missing?

Any help would be great!

Thanks, Paula NX1P

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Re: compiling CQRLOG: dData->CreateDatabase compile error

Hello Paula,

you must install UIB components from components subdirectory in source code dir and it should work without any problem.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

UIB lnet

Hi Petr,

Yes, UIB is installed. The error I am getting is during the compilation of cqrlog. Even though the library is there, the compiler is complaining about the wrong number of variables in the call from cqrlog. When debugging with Lazarus, I can find the source file with the CreateDatabase function and can see that the variables are pre-declared and initialized, however, the compiler is expecting that the the cqrlog call have variables in its procedure call. Is there a Lazarus setup to cause the compiler to ignore the missing parameters in cqrlog so that the predeclared and initialed parameters in the UIB file is used? Perhas the standard Lazarus compiler setup is to strict?

your comments are greatly appreciated.


Paula NX1P

btw, if UIB or lnet is not installed, when loading the cqrsource into Lazarus (not compiling), Lazarus generates error messages requesting that the user install those libraries, Once those libraries are installed, Lazarus stops complaining on source code load. However, when the compile is attempted, I get the error.

73, NX1P

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Re: UIB lnet

Hi Paula,

I have no idea what can be wrong. Here, I have fpc-2.4.0 installed and using Lazarus from svn or from version 0.9.29. So if you are using version from your distribution repository, uninstall it, download source code, unpack it, go to unpacked directory and compile it with made bigide. Now you can try to compile the source code of CQRLOG.

You can also download source code from cqrlog's svn repo and try to use version 1.0. This version has Makefile, so you can compile it in command line. This version doesn't need any aditional componets installed in Lazarus.

73 Petr