Move from Mint 20.0 to 20.1

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Move from Mint 20.0 to 20.1

I'm running CQRLOG 2.5.1 (001) on Mint 20.0 I would like to update Mint to version 20.1 but fear that it will mess up my CQRLOG files and installation because of the way certain folder locations have changed with the Unified Filesystem Layout and /usr/merge. Has anyone performed this Mint update successfully, and if so, did you encounter any problems with your CQRLOG?

Bob, WG9L

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Move from Mint 20.0 to 20.1

Hi Bob,

I would imagine that the upgrade will be ok although i have no experience doing it.
If you want some "failsave" then export your log to adif, or put you /.config/cqrlog folder on a usb stick then you can always reinstall/fix CQRlog and put the backup back.
Do upgrade CQRlog to 2.5.2 first though, if you need to reinstall, the easiest way is to install the latest version.