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I am running CQRLOG 2.5.2 in Mint 20.1 64 bit Cinnamon desktop. It works very well but I just noticed that it is using Hamlib 3.3-10 build 1 but the latest Hamlib is 4.1. I thought that the latest Hamlib was loaded with a new CQRLOG install. From what I can tell the 3.3-10 is what is in the Mint repository. Not a concern right now but if I acquire a new rig I may not be able to connect it id it's not in 3.3-10. Is there an easy way to install Hamlib 4.1 without doing any hard to my current CQRLOG install?

73, Bill NZ0T

If I had looked I would have

If I had looked I would have seen this post from Alex:


I have 4.1 installed but for some reason CQRlog seems to still be using 3.3 as I don't see the updates rig list in preferences.

And then this:

And then this:

In CQRlog, there is in the trx control preferences a path to rigctld...
For you it now says /usr/bin/rigctld
Change that in /usr/local/bin/rigctld

And that makes the new list show up!

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Hi Bill, thanks for using my script, and glad i could help you out with it......

You bumped into the one thing i did not test , i did test if the installation was succesful, but i never tested the install path.
Basically now you both have 3.3 (installed by synaptic/apt) and 4.1(installed by my script)

I already made an issue on my github and a branch to fix this. Work does prohibit that it will be fixed be for next weekend though....

Good luck using CQRlog, its a great piece of software.....

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this is now fixed.... I added the install path to the script, and /usr/bin/rigctld works fine now when you use the script.


I tried this script lots and could never figure out what ii was doing wrong, keep getting a red line in script that flashed by to fast.
Just tried again changing TRX control path to (/usr/local/bin/rigctld) and works perfect! Now i can use my IC9700.
Thanks for the work on this script and help....


KDE Neon

Just an FYI.
I also have this working on my KDE Neon desktop as well with the same instructions. It is Ubuntu based so i had to give it a try.

Richard - VE6PCO

I think have to try that

I think have to try that script. I hope I don't get wrong. Thanks to those who shared.