Adding short-cut "Do not send QSL"

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Adding short-cut "Do not send QSL"

can you please add a short cut for 'do not send QSL', please? Like ctrl+s for 'sent' :-)
Andre, DL4UNY

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Adding short-cut "Do not send QSL"

Brilliant idea!
Martin, OK1RR

I would like the idea

I would like the idea extended so "do not send eqsl and lotw" could be included qso by qso. Explanation: My XYL uses CQRLog for loging day to day QSO's and recording attendees at the WARO net she sometimes runs. Sending many eQSL's for casual QSO's is not such a good idea but if you upload at present everything goes. I know casual QSO's is not the purpose of CQRLog but she uses it for DX contacts as well and to run one log for casual and one for DX is difficult as sometimes DX will check into the net or she can be called after the net.
73, Graeme ZL2APV

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Re: I would like the idea

Hi Graeme,
I don't think this is good idea. I think it's much better to upload alway whole log. It's not a problem for eQSL server.
You can prevent to upload QSO to eQSL server by settings eQSL upload date in QSO list window -> File -> Edit details. It works also for selected QSO.
73 Petr

Re: Adding short-cut "Do not send QSL"

Thanks for the response Petr,
Sorry but I have been away so slow in responding. If it is no problem for eQSL then it does not affect me or my XYL. I was more concerned about having lots of qso's which would never be wanted or responded to sitting there at eQSL for across town qso's etc. but problem now solved with this info.
73 de Graeme ZL2APV