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Contest Logger

"we don't exclude a CQRLOG clone dedicated to the contesters"

YES ~!!!

I have been involved in N1MM, and realize how hard this would be.
Having said that, N1MM is not going to port (VB6).

It really is time- I suspect you have learned much thru CQRlog ?

Start very minimal-- but make a start.

There are a lot of contesters that are STUCK with windoze because we need the logger support.

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Re: Contest Logger

Hi Howie, welcome aboard! Stay tuned, we just started. Now I collected nearly all possible DONT's, errors and design failures of all contesting software which I was able to test. This "reverse approach" was in evidence also in the CQRLOG design :-)

161, Martin, OK1RR

My only request/requirement

My only request/requirement is that the keyboard entry be like CT (much CQRLog is now), or that multiple entry methods be available. I could never warm up to TLF because its input method seemed so foreign, being based on TR (yes, it has a sort of CT compatibility mode that I never got the hang of either). Generally, I can get along with various UIs but I've used CT for almost 16 years which is the longest run of any piece of software for me so it's almost like breathing.

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My only request/requirement

Hi Nate,
it's matter of personal choice, however count keyboard hits and you will see that the TR schedule is more efficient. If you enable the TR autosend option, you need actually only to write down the call (if not selected from the SCP menu) and hit ENTER only once. Therefore TR is my personal choice.

With TLF, I won the CQ WPX 2004 on 80m/HP (1st World), of course using the TR mode. On my expedition to Pantelleria, IH9/OK1RR, I used an early version of TR (it was 6.07 or so) and sometimes I get rate over 300Q/hour (at 50 WPM). Boy, it was 'the meat'! So I believe that's a good reason to switch yourself to the TR mode (and my advocating of the TR).

Of course, if we get more requests for CT mode, we will attempt to include it. But for sure, TR mode must be there!

73 Martin, OK1RR

Contest logger


I used TR_log in the past...this was really fast and simple. Now after long period of not contesting I am getting more active in ham radio again and would prefer to go to TR way of logging. I looked into CT, but never got it right for myself. So when you develop contest logger my favorite is TR mode...i need to try TLF and check what it is made of..perhaps in CQ WW CW.

73 Jari, OH3JW, DL3JW

73 Jari OH3JW, DL3JW

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A real Linux contest logger

My vote would be to include a CT mode - better yet a Win-Test mode .... Win-Test seems to me to be CT on Steroids!
So far I really like, and use, the ESM mode most all the time. (AC8W and I took the M/S World High from HK a couple of years ago in ARRL DX CW using WriteLog & ESM).

Although I have used every contest logger available, I like the CT based operation - just never could use the TR based logger.
I started with CT DOS around version 1 or 2 and then NA Logger from it's beginning.

Still learning cqrlog, but it looks very good so far.

73 Hank K8DD

"If God intended you to be on single sideband, he would have given you only one nostril." Steve, K2PTS SK

Contest Logger

Thanks Martin.

Congratulations to you and Petr on such a nice product !

161, Howie

Howie N4AF