CQRLOG 07 dec 2015

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CQRLOG 07 dec 2015

New betaversion is available at http://cqrlog.com/files/beta/cqrlog-2015-12-07.tar.gz


+ program should work also with MariaDB 10.1
- program crashed after opening Preferences when path to rigctl was empty - fixed
- RBN monitor didn't show any data when RBN didn't send any operating mode

How to try this beta version is described here: http://cqrlog.com/node/1526

Thank you!

There is still a problem with spots from regular cluster or something other than reversebeacon.net:7000 cluster. This note returns also mode but the others not or the spot structure is different. I'll try to find solution next week.

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Is this tarball complete ?

The only thing I find in this tarball is the cqrlog binary itself. ( not like the previous one with all usr/..-files

73 de LA2FDA

RE:Is this tarball complete ?
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Re: Is this tarball complete ?

I'm sorry, my fault. It's only binary and not whole directory. Please download build from previous week and replace the cqrlog binary. Next time I'll release right build version, I'm sorry.