Callbook "Database Update" speed

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Callbook "Database Update" speed

Hi Petr,

In fDatabaseUpdate.pas I see these lines:


Is there any reason to have the update wait 1s between lookups? With a large log import, this can take a really long time cumulatively.

I checked QRZ's API documentation, I didn't see any speed restrictions.


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Re: Callbook "Database Update" speed

Hi Mike,

HamQTH also doesn't have any speed restriction but I think it's polite to have some delay between requests to the server.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

At least in the case of QRZ,

At least in the case of QRZ, it's a paid service that advertises as "high speed", i'd be surprised if they complained if the requests were slightly faster. sleep(500) just looks nicer don't you think? :-)

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Re: At least in the case of QRZ,

It also has a free access that returns operator name. I was thinking about increase it to two seconds :)). I'm not sure about anything from qrz if I look at my previous experience... . I think 1 second is fine, but you can change it yourself and build own cqrlog from source code :). When you do that, please change also program id to something different, I don't want to be accused of doing DDOS attack...

Ha!, the last time I used

Ha!, the last time I used Pascal was... 1986 :-) . Honestly, this is a corner use case that only comes up when I operate portable and need to do bulk load from the laptop. I can just script a lookup/batch insert. Thanks for everything! 73s...

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Re: Ha!, the last time I used

You send me the part of the code where is the interval in milliseconds. You can change the number to a lower value and with 'make && make install' prepare the binary :). You have to have Lazarus and fpc installed.

73 Petr