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DXCC World map

Hi Petr,
after changing from Windows 7 to Linux (Debian), I switched from HAMOffice to CQRLOG. Your software is great, congratulations and thank you!

Would it be possible to add a world map in the DXCC statistics window in a future version of CQRLOG? It is not an important option, but it would be very nice.
(Example: http://www.hameasy.de/hohilfe_kap5-Dateien/image008.jpg)

Likewise, it would be nice if a free field for user-specific inputs would be available. I am thinking, for example, to "MY TRX", "MY ANTENNA", "DOK (in Germany)," etc. At the moment I use the "AWARD" field as "MY ANTENNA" field, but that is not so good …



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Re: DXCC World map

Hi Frank,

yes, I can add the map in the future. Right now working on new release.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

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Grid Map

What would also be good is a Grids worked/confirmed map. Something like this would be ok http://www.qsl.net/oh6hfx/ohtestlog/ruutu02.gif but a Google map or a kml export for offline viewing to Google Earth would be great.

73'd De Dave, G8FXM O/S Linux Mint 18.1 KDE Plasma 64 bit  g8fxm@uksmg.org

Saku, OH1KH has made this

Saku, OH1KH has made this into version 1.9.0. If he could pass info for Petr.
Think Saku is quite busy with other thinks