Trx controll FT 450

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Trx controll FT 450

The trx control dos not work with my ft 450
What to do ?

Ft 450

I forgott to tell you that I Running the ubuntu 9.04 and I have the hamlib installd and libstdc++5
The computer does not respont too the radio.

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Re: FT-450

You should probably test if your radio does respond. Let's say your FT-450 is connected to ttyS0:

rigctl -vvvvv -r /dev/ttyS0 -m 127

The -vvvvv is very important since this will increase verbosity, and give
precious traces to developers if something goes wrong. At this level,
the protocol data exchanged will also be dumped to the screen.

Unless some problem shows up, you should be presented with a menu
like "Rig command: ". Enter "?" followed by return to have the list
of available commands. 'Q' or 'q' quits rigctl immediately.

Most wanted functions to be tested are:
'_' get misc information on the rig
'f' get frequency
'F' set frequency, in Hz
'm' get mode
'M' set mode (AM,FM,CW,USB,etc. and passband width in Hz)
'v' get vfo
'V' set vfo (VFOA, VFOB, etc.)

f,F get_freq/set_freq try various (<1MHz, <30Mhz and >1GHz)
v,V get_vfo/set_vfo VFOA, VFOB
m,M get_mode/set_mode FM, USB, LSB, CW, WFM, etc.
passband is in Hz (pass 0 for default)
G vfo_op UP, DOWN
_ get_info should give remote Id and firmware version

I hope it helps. Let us know how it works.

73 Martin, OK1RR

ft 450

I have tried the commands that you sent too mee it goes well to the "Rig command:
the it dosen work any more. no contact will the rig
Sorry thath I am bad too explane the problem

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Re: FT 450


how do you have radio connected to computer? Do you have serial port or USB to serial adapter?

73 Petr, OK2CQR

ft 450

I have tried with usb to serial adapter, did not work.
now I have an old serial kabel and still dont work.
When I tried the ham radio deluxe on the linux system using wine then the computer find the radio with the serial cabel.
73 de sm4ypg