CQRlog and FLDIGI Question

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CQRlog and FLDIGI Question

Hi - I am running CQRlog 1.9.0 and FLDIGI 3.22.01. The radio is an Elecraft KX3. If I run FLDIGI standalone / by itself, changing the frequency on the KX3 changes it also in FLDIGI. Same with running CQRlog by itself - a change to the KX3 frequency also shows the new frequency in CQRlog.

But, if I start CQRlog and have it start FLDIGI, a change of frequency on the KX3 does NOT happen in FLDIGI. I can see the new frequency in CQRlog, but FLDIGI never changes if it was initiated by CQRlog. In FLDIGI I have it set to use Hamlib.

Is this the way it is supposed to work, or do,I have something set wrong in one of these two programs? I was thinking that CQRlog would pass the radio frequency over to FLDIGI "somehow", but it is not doing that.

Can anyone tell me if I've got something messed up?

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Re: CQRlog and FLDIGI Question

Hi Jim,

it should work. Let CQRLOG to control the radio and set fldigi to use rigctld on the same port like it's in CQRLOG preferences. I'm a CW guy and don't use digi modes, but Tom, K8WDX (k8wdx@yahoo.com) does, please send him an email. Or you can look at the video created by Tom - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iv_x5lrWOGw

73 Petr, OK2CQR

CQRlog and FLDIGI Question


Thank you for pointing me towards Tom K8WDX. We exchanged a few email messages and the issue is now resolved on my computer.

For anyone else wondering how to let FLDIGI see the rig frequency change or change it within FLDIGI, it is fairly simple. It is just a matter of using the TRX control window and telling CQRlog to switch to the second rig BEFORE firing up FLDIGI. This results in CQRlog releasing control of your Rig 1and when FLDIGI starts up, it attempts to connect to your rig. If you've done it right, it works fine. In my shack, I only use one rig with CQRlog. I have Poll Rate and Port Number set to zero on the Radio Two preferences tab.

To go back to CQRlog controlling things - gracefully end out FLDIGI, turn off the "Remote mode for FLDIGI", and then re-select Rig 1.

73, Jim / W6JHB

Jim / W6JHB
Folsom, CA

Solving concurrency problems

Solving concurrency problems

I let cqrlog be the "rig control master" and configure the other programs (fldigi, wsjtx etc.) to use the "HAMLIB net rigctl" interface. This way only the rigctld started by cqrlog accesses the rig hardware, all programs are using rigctld over its network interface, which solves any concurrency problems. I can run cqrlog, fldigi and wsjtx at the same time without any problems.

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Can anyone tell me how to

Can anyone tell me how to configure all that?
At this moment I use a solution given by Jim W6JHB. But this way the frequency neither from rig or FLDIGI does not change in CQRLOG.
In CQRLOG's preferences I've selected to to read freq from FLDIDI, but it does not do that.