WSJT-X Data Population

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WSJT-X Data Population

I recently installed (upgraded from 1.9.0) to v 2.0.4 and have been using the WSJT-X Remote Mode. One thing that I would like to see is to have the Name and QTH populated into the QSO database when the QSO is finished and the QSO is logged. Presently that data is showing up in the New QSO panel along with all the other information (Call, Mode, etc.). However, when the QSO is saved to the database, that information is not brought over as it is with non-remote operating, like CW or SSB. If the data is there for display in the New QSO panel, it should be saved along with all the other QSO information.

Other than that, this version is really nice to use - thanks for making it available!

73, Jim / W6JHB