Pre-fill New QSO Form from fldigi

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Pre-fill New QSO Form from fldigi


When using CQRLOG (2.0.5) in remote mode for wsjt-x, when a callsign is selected in wsjt-x, the New QSO details automatically update in CQRLOG after a few seconds. This is nice because I can almost instantly see details such as country, name, etc., and whether I've worked the station in my CQRLOG database. However, in remote mode for fldigi, when a callsign is added to the log in fldigi, CQRLOG does not automatically update the details (it does, however properly save the log with all the details when it's saved in fldigi).

Is there any way to add functionality as seen in wsjt-x remote mode to the fldigi remote mode?