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DX Spots in log & rig control

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DX Spots in log & rig control

I am evaluating CWRlog on Ubuntu 9.04. I found the setup to be fairly straight forward. I have some operational questions compared to other logging programs that I am used to operating from a Windows environment.

When I click on a spot in the DX cluster window it populates the log but it does not move the rig to the new operating frequency. I am expecting that it should retune the the rig and send it to the proper location.

1. Does that functionality work within CQRlog and just broken on my system?


2. Does that functionality not exist within CQRlog?

Thanks, JH

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Re: DX Spots in log & rig control

Both cluster window and bandmap have full functionality. It should set not only the frequency but also proper mode and IF filter bandwidth.

Check your setup and read the built-in help and other comments on this web. I am pretty sure you will find the solution!

73 Martin, OK1RR

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Re: DX Spots in log & rig control


if you put 14000 into call field and hit Enter what happend? What radio do you have? Please try to set IF filters bandwidth to 0. You'll find it in Preferences -> Modes tab.

73 Petr, OK2CQR

Re: DX Spots in log & rig control

FYI... Last I have moved from a laptop running Ubuntu to a desktop running Ubuntu and saw the same thing. (The desktop is a much more complex system with serial port cards, etc) I want give this testing a fair shake and set it up closer to my final design goal. :-)

I am using an Icom 756 (original nonPro model)

When I intially put in 14000 nothing would change.

When I changed the filters to 0 on the Modes tab that solved my problem. I am able to click in the windows (band map & cluster window) and change the radio freq. Also now when I try direct freq entry into the "call" field it will make the radio change freq.

Your suggestion was the exact fix and things are working now.

73 John, NG0R

John Hoaglun
NG0R - EN25ue