Need help with RTTY and digimodes

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Need help with RTTY and digimodes

Anybody there out who is using K3 with CQRlog and is experienced in RTTY and digimodes? I want to return to these modes after a very long pause. Also wanted to use true FSK (not AFSK) for RTTY. My rig is the Elecraft K-line (K3, P3, KPA500 and KAT500). It seems that fldigi would be not the right choice because of FSK mode absence (they also don't appear to implement FSK, also stock excuses on timing issues ... but Makoto JE3HHT did it in his MMTTY) - so what program?

Bought also the Open Interface III (, now trying to find some hookup scheme (the new Open Interface is so new that they have not finished the documentation yet, no schematic of the K3 cable etc.). I will be very thankful for any tip, hint etc. I am for decades on CW exclusively, now want to try something new but lack of experience with better rig than my very provisional interface which I built for tests.

You can contact me also on email Verbose hints welcome.

Many thanks in advance, 73
Martin, OK1RR