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Hi Guys,

Very new to Linux (2 days), and very very new to CQRLog.
If someone else has already asked this question then I apologise, but for the life of me I cannot see a way to make the columns in the NEW QSO Window and the QSL LIST window stay put.
If I drag them into place and resize them as I want them, then all is fine until I shut CQRLOg down. However when I then re-launch the program most off the columns have moved and returned to their original widths.
Please, how do I lock the columns ??
The rest off the program is great and all working fine, which considering my knowledge of Linux is nothing short of a miracle (~:
Running CQRLOg Version 0.8.5 under Ubuntu 9.04

Kind regards All

Wallace MM0AMV

I'm getting there !

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Re: Help!

Hi Wallace,

thank you for bug report. I know about it and resizing is fixed but when you change column position loading column size doesn't work. It looks like a bug in TDBGrid in Lazarus. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.

73 Petr, OK2CQR


Hi Petr,

and thanks for the reply.
I am glad to know it wasn't me that broke it.
Look forward to the fix in the fullness of time.

73 Wallace MM0AMV